Patient Testimonials

Thank you Easter Seals

I am a retired physician. Since my retirement, I have noticed a gradual deterioration in my hearing. Most of my conversations, especially on the telephone, were like text messages. I have had several hearing aids from different people and organizations, they were very expensive, but the results were poor. One day my wife saw a small advertisement in the local newspaper for “Better Hearing by Easter Seals”. I decided to give it a try as I was dissatisfied with what I had.

Meeting Dr. Burton for the first time, I felt comfortable, she listened to my complaints, she took her time and gave me a hearing test. She also tested my current hearing aids with technology that I had not seen used in my previous experiences.

I felt very comfortable and listened to her recommendations, now I am very happy, I hear better and no longer FEAR answering the telephone. My wife does not have to keep repeating herself, which I am sure was as frustrating for her as it was for me.

If you have a hearing loss, don’t hesitate to call the Easter Seals Center for Better Hearing, you will be as happy as I am.

P.S. What I was fitted for was less expensive than my previous 3 sets of hearing aids, not that price mattered, I just wanted to hear again. R. Tadros, M.D., - Waterbury, CT
Kay Yanagisawa, M.S., CCC-A my AUDIOLOGIST... What can I say about this beautiful person, from the moment I met her she glowed, her professionalism and knowlege astounded me, her warmth, caring and understanding made me feel totally at ease.   This is a very special woman who gave me my hearing back with a caring smile on her face and her ability to make me feel "no matter what, it would be OK" - Carol D - Waterbury, CT
He seemed to be knowledgeable. I definitely have experience with hearing aids and so he wasn't pushy about having to get me to get one particular brand. He was definitely open to options that I was interested in. Heather F., - Mamaroneck, NY
She was amazing. She sat down with us and explained thing to us and she showed us how he hears compared to everyone else. She was really thorough and spent a lot of time with us. She was great! Jessy S., - Sandy Hook, CT
She seemed to be very confident, caring and interested on helping with the problem without going overboard on expense. Debra B. - West Hartford, CT
Thank you for making our experience of getting new hearing aids so pleasant. Thank you for being so thorough, easy to understand and nice! Mrs. L Stratford