Hearing Aid Repair Warranty, Loss and Damage Coverage - What's the Difference?

Almost all hearing aids these days come with some type of repair and/or loss and catastrophic damage coverage, from the manufacturer.  This coverage typically ranges from one to three years.

The hearing aid manufacturer repair warranty covers repairs to the hearing aid that are performed by the manufacturer.  Sending a hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair typically takes up to 10 business days to return.  There is no charge from the manufacturer for parts, labor or shipping.  Depending on the terms of your purchase, there may be a fee for the audiologist to test, reprogram and re-fit the hearing aid once it returns from the manufacturer for repair.

Many new hearing aid purchases include one-time loss and catastrophic damage coverage.  Replacement is available if the hearing aid is lost or damaged beyond repair.  So for example, if someone steps on your hearing aid and it is broken into 50 pieces, or the dog makes a chew toy out of your hearing aid, this would be covered under the manufacturer loss and damage coverage rather than the repair warranty.  Many patients and their families are relieved to know that the hearing can be replaced for a deductible, which is typically a fraction of the cost of the original hearing aid.

Many of the hearing aids provided at the Easterseals Center for Better Hearing include a 3 year manufacturer’s repair warranty and catastrophic loss and damage coverage.