Getting the Best Performance from Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Though you might consider a discussion of hearing aids batteries to be mundane, it is amazing how frequently it comes up as a topic with our hearing aid patients.  The topic usually comes up due to a complaint or observation of very short battery life.

The best way to store hearing aids in is their original packaging, or in a battery caddy, at room temperature.  (Don’t store them in the refrigerator, as moisture from condensation can cause the protective tabs to peel off.  Don’t store them in a place that is cold, as reduced temperature can cause shorten battery life.)  Very dry air can also shorten battery life, as can high altitude.  You don’t want to keep hearing aids with loose change, or in contact with anything metal, as this can cause the battery to short out, or can damage the battery.

Besides proper storage, proper use is important.  As discussed in a previous post, it is very important to wait for at least one minute after removing the protective tab, before inserting the battery into the hearing aid.

When you are not wearing the hearing aid, be sure to turn it off, to avoid active battery drain overnight.

Troubleshooting Guide for hearing aid battery problems

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