A New Year's Resolution for Hearing Loss


Happy 2020! The new year is a time for reflection, looking at your life and determining persons throughout the U.S. with hearing loss, this is the time to finally do something about it.

Most individuals with hearing loss will wait an average of seven years before seeking help. This is usually due to the fact that they don’t want to admit they actually have a problem and they think using a hearing aid will make them feel (and look) old. But hearing aids not only help people hear better, they can help improve a person’s quality of life.

Why You Should Treat Your Hearing Loss with Hearing Aids

Using a hearing aid as a treatment for hearing loss has been linked to an overwhelming number of benefits. Better Hearing Institute (BHI) conducted a study that provides extensive data about how much of a difference hearing aids can make.

Of the 2,000 hearing loss patients surveyed, 82 percent indicated they would recommend hearing aids to their friends and 70 percent reported an improved ability to communicate. In addition, more than four out of five people who use an aid to hear better are satisfied with their solution.

The study also concluded patients who used a hearing aid saw improvement in their:

  • Romance
  • Sense of Humor
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Physical Health
  • Sense of Safety
  • Self-Confidence
  • Feelings about self
  • Sense of Independence
  • Work Relationships
  • Improved Emotional Well-Being

Those who treat their hearing loss are once again able to navigate the world on their own and overcome a reliance on others, thus regaining their sense of control. They have reduced periods of social isolation as well as healthier and longer-lasting relationships. These patients have also been shown to have higher self-esteem and quality of life than those who don’t.

Improved General Health

Those who treat their hearing loss experience a decrease in feelings of depression, anger and anxiety; they also see an improvement in their balance. Patients who choose to leave their hearing loss untreated are three times more likely to suffer physical injuries, especially falls. They are also at an increased risk of cognitive decline.

Improved Professional Success

Untreated hearing loss leads to difficulty concentrating, especially when communicating with others. It can also lead to reduced job performance and less monetary compensation. New research suggests that untreated hearing loss makes it harder for individuals to learn new things as it can lead to problems storing new information.

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