Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the connection between the Center for Better Hearing and Easterseals?

A. The Easterseals Center for Better Hearing is a division of the Easter Seal Rehabilitation Center of Greater Waterbury, Central and Northwest Connecticut and was established in 1969. The Center for Better Hearing complements the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center’s general mission of helping people with disabilities achieve independence by providing a full range of hearing healthcare and hearing aid services to persons with hearing loss.

Q. Why should I come to the Easterseals Center for Better Hearing for my hearing healthcare?

A. You should come to the Easterseals Center for Better Hearing because we truly care about you and your hearing loss! Being a non-profit clinic, our focus is not on just selling you products but helping solve your hearing difficulties. Visit our testimonial page to see what others think about our services.

Q. Can anyone come here or do I have to be of a certain income level?

A. We are open to the general public. There are no income requirements or guidelines to become a patient at the Easterseals Center for Better Hearing.

Q. Are your hearing aids and services free?

A. We do charge for our services. However, Easterseals Center for Better Hearing participates in many insurance plans including the Husky (Medicaid) program that provides hearing services and hearing aids as a medically necessary benefit. Each insurance plan has specific coverage and requirements for eligibility. Our audiologists are also very familiar with various other non-insurance based programs that may provide you assistance with hearing aids. If you need assistance for hearing aids, we recommend that you come in and meet with one of our audiologists.

Q. Does my insurance cover the cost of hearing aids?

A. Each plan varies, we have found that for adults, many commercial insurance companies do not offer coverage for hearing aids. Don’t let this stop you from seeking the help that you need. Our audiologists will work with you to find a solution that is within your budget. We also offer financing with approved credit through Wells Fargo so you can pay for your hearing aid(s) over time. Payment and Financing options

Q. What types of hearing aids do you sell?

A. Hearing aids come in many different sizes and shapes and are available in many levels of technology from no frills to premium high tech. We do not have allegiance to one particular manufacturer or brand. We only work with top quality manufacturers that have superior products. Most of our hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Our audiologists will help you select the hearing aids that meet your hearing needs and fit your lifestyle and budget. Visit our hearing aid page to see which manufacturers we are currently recommending.

Q. How much do hearing aids cost?

A. The price for hearing aids can seem expensive. Our fees cover not only the hearing instruments, but also cover the professional time necessary to select the correct instrument for you and tune the hearing aid to your particular loss. We believe that follow up is a very important key to your success. The follow-up care is included in the cost of all hearing aids. Hearing aid prices range from $700 to $2800 per ear depending on the type of hearing aid desired. Don’t let the high-end premium price scare you! Our audiologists are very skilled and able to work within YOUR budget. We don’t have quotas to meet nor do we work on commission. Any profit after expenses of running our clinic goes back into the charitable mission of our Center.

Q. Do you have any alternative payment options or other types of assistance?

A. Easterseals offers 24 months special financing with approved credit through Wells Fargo.  This option allows you to pay for your hearing aid purchase over time. Click here to learn more.

Q. Does every Easterseals have a hearing department?

A. Each Easterseals Center in the U.S., provides services that are individualized to the meet specific needs of the particular community it serves. Some Easterseals may have audiology departments and some do not. The Easterseals Center for Better Hearing a division of the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center of Greater Waterbury, Central Connecticut and Northwest Connecticut, is the only Easterseals program in Connecticut that provides audiology services. We have 3 offices, Waterbury, Southbury and Meriden.

Q. What is an audiologist?

A. An audiologist is a hearing healthcare professional that specializes in the non-medical diagnosis, management, and treatment of hearing and balance disorders. An audiologist holds either a Doctorate or Master’s degree from an accredited university in the field of Audiology.

Q. Why a board certified audiologist?

A. An audiologist who holds board certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence through lifelong learning beyond his or her initial degree.